“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

National Service Scheme, a social service program sponsored by the Indian Government, sprang from the belief of the Mahatma that the difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the problems and was founded on his Centenary. In 1969, it started with 40,000 students from 37 universities. Now it has over 3 million volunteers from nearly 300 higher educational institutions.

It is always the personality of the man that counts in forging him to be a great leader, and NSS aims to develop it through community service. All over the world high importance is being given to the engagement of students and educational institutions in community service. Public service will not only sensitize the students to the problems faced by the community, but it will also teach them valuable practical skills and life skills. We are killing two birds with one stone: teaching students the skills they need to survive in the real world and also allowing them to give back to the society. Talk about a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship!

The volunteers of this organisation have the motto “Not me, but thou”. This is the showcase for the belief in selflessness and is reflected in their work to ensure everyone one in need gets help making true the words that we rise by uplifting others. They utilise their knowledge in finding practical solutions to civic and social problems. The symbol of NSS was inspired by the Rath wheel in the Konark Sun Temple and symbolises a continuous effort towards social reform.

Inculcating a sense of social responsibility in the students and integrating the institutes into social service plans is an endeavor that requires a vast amount of coordination and organisation. At the national level, it is done by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. And at the grassroots level, it is done by the various educational institutions.

IIT Hyderabad is proud to say that has its unit of NSS and has it since 2008, the founding year of the institute. The activities taken up by the volunteers from IITH include Vidyadaan, Cloth Donation, Blood donation camps and orphanage visits.


7 thoughts on “NSS

  1. It was an astounding experience to be a volunteer in the clean India drive of IITH… I felt very relaxed after cleaning my campus. We should keep our campus clean.


  2. NSS is doing a great job. educating many students, clean India programs and so many activities. I’m really interested in all these activities.


  3. NSS activities add immense value to an individual in all aspects and everyone should participate in them for overall development.


  4. I am interested to take part in social activities like CID, Vidyadhaan and NSS IITH is doing a very great job in organising many of such events. I’m happy about what I’ve been contributing as an NSS volunteer and hope to do the best always. Also, we need to understand that it is the responsibility of every individual in and out of this campus to keep it clean. Let’s do our best together.


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