My First Vidyadaan


Being at IIT-Hyderabad during the weekend means waking up at 11 AM or later; that is the earliest the day starts. Today, on the other hand, I was up by 6 and quite excited for it would be my first session with NSS under Vidyadaan. For those who do not know what that is, it means that we go to schools near our campus, try to teach the students there and learn from them. 

The Vidyadaan programme was started with firm belief that the society had given a lot to us and what better way to give it back than teaching the citizens of tomorrow? To this end regular visits are organized to the nearby schools.

We took the college bus to Sangareddy ZPHS and reached there by 10 AM. As we got down we were greeted by radiant faces; I’d never imagined the students there would be so interested to meet us. We’d decided beforehand that today we would try and teach them about MS Office and so after some light-hearted interaction, the lesson started. Having distributed the grades 6th through 10th among ourselves, I found myself with the 7th graders. After the quick talk on how a word processor is a useful tool, we started a hands-on session. Despite an initial inhibition to use the laptops, they took to it like fishes to water, and I am proud to say that they learned far faster than I ever did.

This day – my first Vidyadaan session – is one I am not going to forget anytime soon.

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